A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a cosmetic surgery procedure that enhances the size and shape of the buttocks through fat transfer or implants. By augmenting the buttocks, the BBL operation aims to create a more balanced and attractive body contour. The procedure is known for its ability to produce natural-looking results, with the added benefit of contouring the donor areas where fat is removed.

During a BBL operation, fat is harvested from one or more areas of the patient's body using liposuction, then purified and reinjected into the buttocks to achieve the desired volume and shape. Alternatively, silicone implants may be used in cases where a patient lacks sufficient fat for transfer. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation and typically requires a recovery period of several weeks.

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Anesthesia and Preparation

General anesthesia or IV sedation is administered to ensure patient comfort during the procedure. The surgical area is then cleaned and prepped accordingly.

Fat Harvesting

For fat transfer Procedures, liposuction is used to extract fat from one or more donor areas, such as the abdomen, hips, or thighs. This process involves making small incisions and using a cannula to suction out the fat.

Fat Processing

Once the fat has been harvested, it is purified through a centrifugation process to separate the viable fat cells from other components. This ensures that only the highest quality fat is used for transfer.

Fat Injection

For fat transfer BBLs, the purified fat is strategically injected into the buttocks at varying

Surgical Approaches

Traditional BBL Technique

The traditional BBL technique involves removing excess fat from donor areas such as the abdomen or thighs using liposuction. The fat is then purified and carefully injected into the buttocks to enhance their shape and size.

SAFELipo Technique

The SAFELipo technique is a newer approach to BBL surgery that involves using liposuction to remove fat, but also includes a step called "fat equalization." This step involves re-injecting the extracted fat back into the donor area to create a more even and natural-looking contour.

VASERLipo Technique

The VASERLipo technique uses ultrasound technology to target and break down fat cells in the donor area. This method may be used in conjunction with traditional or SAFELipo techniques to enhance the results of BBL surgery.

Non-Surgical Alternatives

While surgical approaches are the most effective for achieving significant changes in buttock size and shape, there are non-surgical alternatives available such as injectable fillers or buttock implants. These options may be suitable for patients who desire a more subtle change or are not good candidates for surgical Procedures.

Possible Complications

Complications and the frequency with which they occur may vary depending on the technique used.


As with any surgery, there is a risk of infection. To minimize this risk, patients are advised to follow post-operative care instructions and take any prescribed antibiotics as directed.

Bleeding and Hematoma

Excessive bleeding or a collection of blood (hematoma) may occur post-surgery. In rare cases, additional surgery may be needed to address the issue.

Fat Embolism

During fat transfer, there is a slight risk of fat particles entering the bloodstream and causing a blockage, which could lead to serious complications. Surgeons take precautions to minimize this risk.

Irregular Contouring

Uneven fat distribution may result in an irregular appearance of the buttocks. In some cases, a revision surgery may be necessary to correct the issue.

Anesthesia Risks

As with any procedure requiring anesthesia, there is a risk of complications related to the anesthesia itself, such as an allergic reaction or respiratory problems.


Tingling sensation (paresthesia) is a temporary side effect and will resolve with time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Yes, BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is considered a safe procedure when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in BBL surgery.
During BBL surgery, fat is extracted from donor areas of the body such as the abdomen or thighs using liposuction. The fat is then purified and injected into the buttocks to enhance their shape and size.
If you have excess fat in areas such as your abdomen, back, hips, or thighs and desire a fuller, more lifted buttocks, you may be a good candidate for BBL surgery. A consultation with a plastic surgeon can help determine if BBL is right for you.
The length of BBL surgery varies depending on the amount of fat being transferred, but it typically takes between 2-4 hours.
The recovery after BBL surgery varies by patient, but most individuals can return to work within 1-2 weeks and resume normal activities after 4-6 weeks.
You should avoid strenuous exercise for at least 4-6 weeks after BBL surgery. After this time, you can gradually resume your exercise routine as instructed by your plastic surgeon.
BBL surgery involves small incisions for liposuction, which may leave small scars that typically fade over time and become barely visible.
After BBL surgery, you can expect some swelling and discomfort in the treated areas. You will need to wear compression garments and avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for several weeks to ensure the best results.
BBL results can be long-lasting, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet can help ensure the longevity of your results.
Like any surgery, there are risks associated with BBL surgery, including infection, bleeding, and complications related to anesthesia. Your plastic surgeon will discuss these risks with you during your consultation.